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High-quality production knives are created in China by Bestech Knives (BTK). These knives come in a wide range of styles and patterns and are made from several of the finest materials in the construction industry.Only the color of the composite Micarta overlays, which are complemented from the inside by steel liners, distinguishes the knives in the series from one another.The knives of the Cubis line have 80mm D2 tool steel folding blades. The D2 blades are hard and sturdy and can reach the hardness from 59 to 61 HRC upon heating. Despite being overused these blades barely lose their sharp edges. The Cubis knives are built to assist you in the hardest of situations as they need only a flipper to remove the blades, and the steel liner to fix them. The micarta handles have a sturdy construction, and these thermoset plastic handles make Cubis heavy-duty knives. The Bestech's Cubis liner lock knives have excellent ceramic bearing pivot structures, which open with a push of the flipper tabs, and the blades rocket open. The pocket clips are sturdy and provide a great way to clip the knives in the pockets and render easy portability away from the public eyes.

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