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Bestech Cubis Knives: The Epitome of Reliability and Aesthetics


Welcome to the exceptional world of Bestech Cubis Knives on Knife Country USA, where functionality meets innovative design. Bestech is celebrated worldwide for its high-quality knives, and the Cubis series exemplifies this reputation with remarkable features and stunning aesthetics.


The Cubis knife range is defined by its stonewash and satin D2 blade. This steel type is renowned for its superior hardness and excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, making it ideal for a variety of heavy-duty tasks. The blade length of 3.15 inches is perfect for providing a fine balance between control and versatility.


What truly makes the Cubis series stand out are the meticulously crafted handles. These come in a variety of colors, including black, beige, and blue Micarta, and orange and jade G10. Micarta and G10 are both high-pressure laminates renowned for their durability and resistance to moisture and electrical insulation. The unique texture on these handles ensures a comfortable and secure grip for the user.


For user convenience and safety, each Cubis knife is equipped with a pocket clip and uses ceramic ball bearings for a smooth blade deployment. The liner lock mechanism securely locks the blade in place when open, preventing accidental closure and potential injury.


Take a closer look at our Bestech Cubis Linerlock Black, Bestech Cubis Linerlock Beige, Bestech Cubis Linerlock Blue, Bestech Cubis Linerlock Orange, and Bestech Cubis Linerlock Jade for a more detailed insight into the sophistication and excellence of Bestech Knives.


Knife Country USA is proud to present this premium selection of Bestech Cubis Knives, perfectly blending utility, safety, and style.

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