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Welcome to Knife Country USA - your ultimate destination for exploring and purchasing high-quality knives, crafted by globally recognized manufacturers. Our wide-ranging collection of Bestech Strelit Knives deserves special mention for their impeccable craftsmanship, superior functionality, and unparalleled durability.


The Bestech Strelit Knives are renowned for their compact size, making them an excellent choice for everyday carry. Featuring 14C28N Sandvik stainless blades that are renowned for their exceptional sharpness and wear resistance, these knives ensure an efficient cutting experience. The satin finish on the blade adds an aesthetic appeal while also providing enhanced corrosion resistance.


Our range includes the Bestech Strelit Linerlock Black G10, a knife that beautifully merges functionality with durability. With its extended tang and pocket clip, this model is easy to handle and convenient to carry. The black G10 handle not only lends a sleek look to the knife but also ensures a firm and comfortable grip.


Our variety extends to the Bestech Strelit Linerlock Jade G10, the Bestech Strelit Linerlock Orange G10, and the Bestech Strelit Linerlock White G10. These knives carry the same high-quality characteristics but differ in handle colors, adding a splash of individuality to your choice.


Moreover, we also offer the Bestech Strelit Framelock Knives series designed by Ostap Hel. These knives feature S35VN stainless blades and titanium handles with different finishes and inlays. They come with a black nylon zippered storage case, ensuring your knife is safe and secure when not in use.


Lastly, we present the Bestech Strelit Framelock Knife with the Damascus steel blade, available in various finish options. Damascus steel is valued for its unique patterns, strength, and edge retention capabilities. These models include the Bestech 2103G, the Bestech 2103H, and the Bestech 2103J.


These Bestech Strelit Knives are meticulously made in China and come boxed, making them ideal gift items for knife enthusiasts. Explore Knife Country USA's Bestech Strelit Knives collection today and invest in knives that deliver quality, durability, and impressive performance.

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