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Bestech 1700 Titanium Knives by Bestech Knives

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Experience Superior Quality with Bestech 1700 Titanium Knives


Welcome to the world of superior craftsmanship and unparalleled durability. Here at Knife Country USA, we are proud to offer the Bestech 1700 Titanium Knives. Each piece represents the epitome of the artistry and precision of Bestech, renowned manufacturers of high-quality knives.


Explore the breadth of our Bestech 1700 Titanium collection where we feature the cre`me de la cre`me of Bestech Knives. From the strikingly designed Bestech T1706A - 1706 Titanium Purple Framelock Folding Pocket Knife to the sleek and elegant Bestech T1706B - Titanium Gray Framelock Folding Pocket Tanto Blade Knife, you'll find a range of choices that perfectly align with your specific needs and preferences.


Perhaps you're looking for a compact yet powerful tool like the Bestech T1710A - 1710 Titanium Framelock CF Knife or maybe something with a bit more flair, like the Bestech T1710B - 1710 Titanium Framelock with Blue Anodized Titanium Handle. Every knife we offer is crafted with superior materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and impressive performance.


Each knife in this collection boasts the use of CPM S35VN stainless blades, providing excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, and known for maintaining a sharp edge. Paired with the remarkable strength of titanium handles, these knives deliver ultimate reliability and exceptional functionality.


Included in our collection is the Bestech T1710C - 1710 Titanium Framelock Knife, with its distinguished gray titanium handle, and the Bestech T1711A - 1711 Titanium Framelock CF Knife with its attractive carbon fiber onlay. For those with a taste for color, the Bestech T1711B - 1711 Titanium Framelock with Blue and Gold Anodized Titanium Handle brings a perfect blend of style and functionality.


Last, but certainly not least, the Bestech T1711C - 1711 Titanium Framelock exhibits an elegant simplicity that matches the high standard set by the rest of the collection.


Each of these knives comes with an extended tang, pocket clip, and a handy black nylon zippered storage case, a testament to Bestech's attention to detail and understanding of what their customers need in a daily carry. Crafted with an acute sense of aesthetics and a keen understanding of functionality, Bestech 1700 Titanium knives are designed for the discerning user who values quality, performance, and style.


At Knife Country USA, we value our customers and strive to provide them with the highest quality products. With the Bestech 1700 Titanium series, we are confident you will find a knife that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. So, take the plunge, explore our range, and let Bestech transform your cutting experience.

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