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If you are looking for a lightweight carry knife then look no further than Bestech Engine Knife Series. This collection of knives includes foldable pocket knives with a frame lock locking mechanism that offers more strength than other locking systems. The flipper tab on the handle allows easy opening/closing of the knife with one hand. The Engine knives by Bestech come in two blade options: drop point blade and clip point blade with a sharp-pointed tip that makes it suitable for piercing holes, making smooth cuts and slices. It works effortlessly on cutting through ropes, cords, cardboard, and other material in a single swipe. For the handles, it uses a carbon fiber front scale and titanium back handle. The textured handle provides a comfortable grip and has a thumb pull that makes it easy to open the folded knife. One can choose from myriad color options in the handle like blue, green, grey, or multicolor.

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