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Camillus Cutlery’s journey roots back to 1876. Since then Camillus has been supplying the world with trusted, innovative and durable knives that have delivered exceptional performances. Camillus Knives are constructed using carbonitride titanium cutlery-grade steel that protects the blade surface against wear, staining, damage and enhances the longevity of these tactical knives. Camillus Cutlery is one of the oldest knife manufacturers and has always answered the call for quality and will continue to do so in the future.


Camillus Scissor series has a wide collection of durable scissors that are known for delivering the finest performance. The titanium bonded steel micro-serrated blade construction is three times harder than untreated steel and stays sharper for a longer period of time. Dual micro-serrated blades of these scissors will cut the smallest diameter braid without fray. The scissors by Camillus has Blue Cuda scale patterned non-slip grip handles that ensures a comfortable grip during usage. The oversized finger holes mean that the scissors can perfectly fit into different types of hands. Some of these scissors also have a lanyard slot that helps in easy storage and convenient carry. Camillus Scissors are ideal for cutting fishing line, rope, netting, and fins. If you constantly require tools and weapons, Camillus Scissors are the reliable tools that can be added in your tool kit. 

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