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Clauss Fillet Knives by Clauss Knives & Shears

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Clauss Knives came into the knife making industry in 1877 and since then, there is no turning back. The company has emerged as a reliable name offering premium grade and highly durable cutlery and other survival tools. Witness the genuine artisanship and skills that is very well reflected in the quality of products by Clauss Knives.


Clauss Fillet Knives are few of the finest quality knives that are made specifically for the professional hunters and knife enthusiasts across the world. The knives in this series include Titanium Chef's Kitchen Knives, Titanium Filet Kitchen Knives, and Titanium Chefs Kitchen Knives. These are the knives that are made using finest-quality flexible titanium bonded blades that are made to withstand extreme distortion and compression. The knives in this series with symmetrical sharpened blades play an important role in heavy duty tasks and crucial situations that require optimum and on point strokes. The sharpened blades create a fine point that makes it ideal for piercing. Carry the knives for self-defense and combat tasks in the battle field. The handles are ergonomically designed to offer non-slip grip and secure handles in most of the tactical and tedious tasks. The handles of this knife series are treated with Microban to prevent the growth of bacteria.


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