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It was in 1876 that Camillus Cutlery started its journey. Since then, Camillus has been a renowned name for its excellent craftsmanship that gives it a worldwide following. The brand has been serving hikers, trekkers, campers and knife enthusiasts with its wide variety of different knives and tools. The products by Camillus are made using premium-quality material like carbonitride titanium that adds toughness and durability.


Camillus Saws Series features a wide collection of saws that are used by knife aficionados and weapon lovers. These saws can be used for cutting, carving, attacking and for other tactical purposes. Carbonitride Titanium coated 440 stainless saw blade is tough in natures and does not shrink or swell when exposed to high or low temperatures. The blade has Les Stroud signature and Camillus logo etch. Lime green ABS handles with gray and black TPR overlays ensure wear resistance and provides toughness. These saws feature nylon sheath that keeps the saws protected when not in use. The thumb stud integrated with these saws allows for the blade to be opened up with the thumb helping in quick deployment. Attached with a pocket clip, these saws can be easily clipped in your pocket or on the bag-pack that you are carrying. Camillus saws are majorly used by people who often use tactical weapons or are a hoarder of survival tools.

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