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Combat Ready Folding Pocket Knives by Combat Ready Knives

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Combat Ready Knives is a recognized manufacturer of reliable knives and tools. The company believes in using the toughest steel for manufacturing the best fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives, axes, and Karambit knives. The makers focus their efforts to bring out the most in innovative designs that are specifically designed for various outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, trekking and camping.


The Folding Pocket Knife Series includes knives with unique locking mechanisms- linerlock and framelock mechanisms. The framelock knives can be used as an outdoor tool for hunting, fishing, camping and rock climbing. The Combat Ready Framelock Pocket Knives have the lock placed with the tip engaging bottom of the blade. The lock is released by applying pressure to the frame. The linerlock knives on the other hand feature side-spring lock that can be opened and closed single-handedly, without moving the knife. The lock type appeals both amateurs and enthusiasts or seasoned collectors. These knives are suitable for self-defense purpose. Expect the Folding Pocket Knife Series to have knives with Tanto point, Karambit, and Axe blades. The category also offers varied handle options including black stonewash stainless steel handles, grooved aluminum handle, Black G-10 front handle, Black G-10 front and Blackstone Coated Stainless Steel Back Handle, and more. The knives in the series are designed for everyday carry.


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