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Lansky Sharpeners is recognized in the global market for their exceptional knife sharpening supplies. The cornerstone of Lansky Sharpeners was laid down in 1979 by Arthur Lansky Levine. Since then, Lansky Sharpeners has been providing innovative sharpening systems for hunting and outdoor sports, kitchen use, as well as the workshop. Lansky Sharpeners strives to create easy-to-use sharpening solution that helps you get a razor-sharp edge every time. Most of the Lansky’s sharpening products are designed to meet unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety standards.


Lansky Hand Sharpeners Series features versatile and compact sharpeners that can easily sharpen your knives on field as well as at home. Models like Blade Medic knife features four-in-one sharpeners like tungsten carbide sharpener, ceramic rods, serrated blade sharpener and diamond tapered rod. The sharpeners can easily be used from the kitchen to the outdoors. Models like QuadSharp are portable knife sharpeners and kit accessories with in-built ceramic polishing bench stone that features same four angles as the legendary Lansky Controlled-Angle Sharpening System. You can take most of the items with you anywhere in your pocket, tackle box, daypack, briefcase, or purse.

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