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1976 witnessed the incorporation of Spyderco in Golden, Colorado. The brand was conceived with a vision to provide meticulously crafted and high-performance knives and other outdoor products that fulfil the requirements of paramedic/fire rescue teams, active duty military forces, law enforcement officiers or people from different professions. With years of research and use of innovative methods, Spyderco manufactured reliable products at their Colorado factory. Over the years, Spyderco has earned many industry awards for the massive product line that make the brand stand apart in the crowd.


Spyderco Throwing Knives are one of the best knives in the community. The knives tend to be designed and weighted for throwing at a defined target. Not like the ordinary knives, these knives are fabricated with proper weight distribution to hurl the knife with excellent speed and efficiency. Clients across the world prefer Spyderco throwing knives owing to the perfect design and durability. The back of the knives stretches from both ends to meet at the pointed top that allows excellent penetrating capability. The audible ‘thump’ when the knife hits the target gives a sense of satisfaction to the professionals.


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