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Maxpedition Mongo Versipacks: Unparalleled Space & Durability


Welcome to Knife Country USA's dedicated collection of Maxpedition Mongo Versipacks. A larger, feature-enhanced version of the famous Jumbo Versipack, these are made for those who need a resilient, capacious, and reliable gear carrier.


Every Mongo Versipack boasts a main compartment measuring 12" x 4" x 9.5", equipped with a slip pocket, drawstring storm collar, and capable of fitting a letter-size 8.5" x 11" pad. This ensures you never run out of space when you're on the move.


Take a look at our collection. The Black Mongo Versipack offers a stealthy aesthetic, while the Khaki Mongo Versipack exudes a classic outdoor look. Both options provide the same amazing functionality and durability, differing only in color.


These Versipacks also feature multiple pockets of varying sizes and a lid pocket with an internal zipper mesh pocket. The side pocket can even hold a 32oz. wide mouth Nalgene bottle, demonstrating their sheer versatility.


Made with lon thread for superior strength, high tensile strength nylon webbing, and #10 high-strength zippers, these Versipacks are designed to withstand the test of time. They are also equipped with a concealable 52" waist belt with quick release and a comfortable 45" shoulder strap, perfect for right-side carry.


Explore the range of Maxpedition Mongo Versipacks at Knife Country USA today, and find the perfect gear carrier that matches your adventure needs!


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