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Maxpedition RIFTCORE Backpacks: The Ultimate CCW Backpack for the Modern Traveller


Embrace the adventure with Knife Country USA's collection of Maxpedition RIFTCORE Backpacks. These cutting-edge, versatile, and stylish backpacks bring together superior functionality and unparalleled design, ensuring you're ready for any journey.


Our collection includes the RIFTCORE V2.0 CCW Backpacks in Black and Gray - designed to cater to your travel needs and style preferences.


Maxpedition's RIFTCORE Backpacks are more than just a bag; they are a traveling companion designed for your convenience and security. The quick-release yoke-style straps, padded waist belt with gear loops, and forward cinching waist belt adjustment offer optimum comfort during your journeys. The lockable main compartment and two-way access to the fully loop-lined rear CCW compartment provide enhanced security and easy access to your essentials.


These backpacks feature a unique strap-down area in the middle compartment, perfect for securing additional gear. The quadruple side compression feature allows you to condense your pack for a streamlined fit, while dual hydration ports offer added convenience. The innovative design allows the 13-inch hydration reservoir to double as a laptop sleeve, showcasing the bag's multifunctional capabilities.


The RIFTCORE Backpacks are crafted with a sturdy 1000D nylon construction and are protected by a Teflon fabric protector for extra durability. The grayscale interior and laser-cut ATLAS attachment lattice system contribute to the modern and innovative aesthetic of these backpacks.


Equip yourself with Maxpedition's RIFTCORE Backpacks from Knife Country USA, and redefine what you expect from your travel gear.

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