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Knife Blanks are appreciated across the globe for their superb quality knives, blades, and accessories. The professionals from Knife Blanks have developed their blades and knives with graded materials alongside advanced technology to ensure that these last for long. Owing to their great performance and reliability, the products manufactured by Knife Blanks are highly appreciated among the users.


The Knife Blades Folding Knife Blanks Series features a versatile range of blades that can be used for making knives. Knife Blanks folding Schrade blade is perfect for Schrade knife construction. These Schrade blades are in good condition but some may have minor blemishes. The Schrade blades are procured from Arrowhead factory and the old Schrade factory and are expected to last for long. Other items like Folding Blade Knife Blades are work in process (WIP) from the Camillus Knife Factory prior to its going out of business. These folding knife blades are considered being in very rough condition. Most of the items available in Knife Blades Folding Knife Blanks Series are made in U.S.A and are available in bulk.     


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