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Knife Blades Drop Point Knife Blanks by Knife Blanks

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Knife Blanks is a reputed name in the knife-making industry. From knifemakers to knife-lovers, everyone appreciates the models and accessories manufactured by Knife Blanks because of their exceptional performance. Most of the knives and blades from the brand are known for their durability and reliability.  


Knife Blades Drop Point Knife Blanks Series includes a comprehensive range of knife blades and knives. Most of the items feature Damascus steel drop point blades. The Damascus steel blades were once used in middle eastern sword making. Still, these Damascus blades are highly demanded and appreciated owing to their exceptional cutting performance and edge retention properties. Most of the blade models come with brass guard. Knife Blades like Damascus Drop Knife Blades and Upswept Drop Point Blades can be used to create personalized knives. Knife Models such as Damascus steel Drop Point Blade Knife and Blade Drop Point Knife feature well-balanced Damascus Steel Handles that provide comfortable, firm grip. Whether you’re knifemaker or collector or someone who loves making and keeping knives, these items are made for you and will last for long.  


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