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Knife Blanks is a trusted name in the knife-making industry for their well-balanced and distinctive range of knives and cutting tools. The hunters, knife-lovers, and enthusiasts love the quality, durability, consistency, and performance of the blades and knives manufactured from Knife Blanks.


Knife Blades Skinner Knife Blanks Series includes an exclusive collection of blades and knives that will be loved by hunters for their exceptional performance during cleaning or skinning of fish or deer. Knife models are varied as per their manufacturing material. Blades and knives featured here are constructed using stainless steel, carbon steel, and Damascus steel. Most of these blades and knives exhibit excellent edge retention property which ensures immense chopping power. Blades like Upswept Blade, Skinner fixed blade, and Clip Point Skinner blades come with brass finger guard and are available in bulk pack. Knife models like Skinner Clip Point Knife Blade with Stainless Handle have stainless-steel construction with satin finish and feature Nickel silver guard.


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