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Cudeman Classic Folder Knife Series by Cudeman Knives

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Cudeman Classic Folder Knife Series: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Craftsmanship


Knife Country USA welcomes knife enthusiasts to the Cudeman Classic Folder Knife Series, where tradition and contemporary craftsmanship fuse to create folding knives of unmatched beauty and utility. These knives, crafted with precision in Spain, are designed for those who appreciate the legacy of classic knives while demanding the performance of modern materials.




  • Cudeman 409L - Folder Folding Pocket Knife: This folding knife is a work of art, boasting a 3.5" Vanadium Molybdenum stainless steel blade and an olive wood handle. Its compact size belies its robust capability and stylish appearance.


  • Cudeman MT-10 Folder Walnut: The MT-10 Folder is a testament to Cudeman's craftsmanship, with a 2.5" satin finish blade and a walnut handle that's both durable and visually striking.


  • Cudeman La Marinera Lockback: Elegance and functionality combine in this 3.75" lockback knife. It features a 2.75" Bohler N690 stainless steel blade and a sleek black polished micarta handle.


  • Cudeman 326 Lockback: With a 4.5" closed length and a 3.5" Bohler N690 stainless steel blade, this lockback knife is both versatile and beautiful, complete with a curly birch handle and blue liners.


Each knife in the Cudeman Classic Folder Knife Series is a statement piece, perfect for the discerning collector or as a gift for a special occasion. The selection at Knife Country USA includes various models that cater to different preferences, from the sleek stiletto to the robust lockback, all unified by their quality and heritage.


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