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Walkers Game Ear Ultra BTE Series by Walkers Game Ears

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With more than two decades in the industry, Walker Game Ears has established a special place for itself in the sound industry. The introduction of advanced digital circuitry and nano-tech water repellence has built-up a dominance of the brand in the industry. The products by Walker Game Ears, be it ear muffs, padded headband, hearing aids, etc., protect from loud and sudden sounds.


Walkers Game Ear Ultra BTE Series


The Ultra BTE series includes hearing aids that can make it simpler to receive clear and crisp sounds. The behind-the-ear design is not only easy to fix but is also compact and has several integrated features like adjustable tone control, on/off switch, and accessories such as cleaning brush, wax pick and screwdriver, which increase their functionality. Most of these products are designed by Bob Walker and can last up to hours on a single charge.


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