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Spyderco has been dominating the knife industry for more than years now. Started off as a Tri-Angle Sharpmaker manufacturer by the due Sal and Gail Glesser in 1976, the brand went on to introduce a line of knives in future and becoming a household brand that has gained the status of world’s leading knife and cutlery manufacturer. Having collaborated with the best blade smiths in the world, Spyderco strive to deliver the best designs and a practical approach when it comes to knife making.


P'Kal Series Knives

Inspired by the Filipino martial arts tactic, this series of folding knife is designed by self-defense Expert-Craig Douglas. Rip apart your enemy by getting hold of these knives which boast a Plainedge blade. The stainless steel construction and curved edges, enhance the cutting power. The Emerson Opening feature means a one-handed blade opening. The knives can also be operated manually by using the trademark round hole. These knives with choil on top of handle provides a great grip with improved dexterity and control. Use these knives when you are out for hunting, for self-defense, survival and several other general cutting tasks.


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