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Zero Tolerance Hinderer Knife Series by Zero Tolerance Knives

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Zero Tolerance is known for its product range of premium, combat, and general use knives. Kai USA Ltd introduced Zero Tolerance in 2006 when the market showed opening for hard-use knives designed for use by firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and professionals in the military and law enforcement.


Hinderer Knives

Knives included in the Hinderer series by Zero Tolerance Knives are made in collaboration with Rick Hinderer. These knives feature a framelock blade locking mechanism with lock-bar stabilization. Different types of powdered steel blades are used in the available variants so that you get to choose the knives on the basis of edge retention, resistance to chipping, etc. Some knives with the assisted-opening feature are also included in the series. All Hinderer series knives are foldable knives with compact construction so that you can carry them in pant or shirt pockets.


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