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Gerber Framelock Pocket Knives by Gerber Knives

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Gerber Gears are reliable manufacturers for tactical tools, lights, and weapons. Started by Joseph R, Gerber, Portland-based Company emerged as most trusted and appreciated in the knife crafting industry. It includes a versatile range of products including axes, hatchets, machetes, handsaws, digging tools, and more


The Gerber Framelock Pocket Knives features a reliable range of high-quality foldable knives. The knives are ergonomically designed to assist users in every day uncertain circumstances and tactical tasks. The EDC knives have stainless steel blade construction that boosts their durability and strength. These tactical knives are often used by hunters, campers, and trekkers while engaged in outdoor activities. Most of the folding blades have a titanium coating that adds to their strength. The knives include partially serrated edge knives to assist for cutting tough materials like ropes and standard edge for performing simple everyday tasks. The everyday carry knives have clip point, drop point, and tanto blades. The clip point blades have a clipped off front section. This blade features a thinner tip that makes it perfect for cutting and piercing easy. The drop point blades have a thicker tip that is suitable for cutting and chopping. The structure of tanto blades is inspired by small size swords that have angular edges that make them preferable for piercing. These knives have framelock to keep the knives securely closed to avoid injuries. Most of the tactical knives in this series have Skeletonized handles that provide a better grip and form control in them. The EDC knives have thumb stud, lanyard hole, and stainless pocket clip. This makes them secure and easy to carry while traveling outdoors.


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