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Gerber Linerlock Pocket Knives by Gerber Knives

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Gerber Gear is an American brand that manufactures high-quality and reliable knives and tools. The company was founded. Founded by Joseph R. Gerber, the brand is renowned as a master of tools with ultimate and innovative go-to-gear. The brand offers an extensive inventory of products which includes multi-tools, axes, headlamps, handsaws, survival kits, and many more.


The Gerber Linerlock Pocket Knives presents a range of foldable pocket knives that are ergonomically designed for everyday carry. The tactical knives include partially serrated and standard edge blades (varying on the different models). The partially serrated knives are best suitable for cutting and fraying through tough materials like fabric and ropes. The standard edge blades offer assistance in cutting, chopping, and other everyday tactical tasks. The EDC knives have sturdily constructed blades using stainless steel for added strength and durability. These knives have clip point, drop point, and guthook blade. The clip point blades have a thinner tip that makes them suitable for piercing and slicing. The drop point blades have a curved spine and thicker tip that is perfect for cutting and chopping. Guthook blades feature a unique shape that assists the hunter in tearing the big game animals with ease. The linerlock series knives have handles made of G-10, bone, nylon, and bone. All the materials are deployed to ensure a firm and comfortable grip to the user. Most of the tactical knives have lake-walker Interlock Manual Safety Lock that keeps them securely locked to avoid injuries. Expect these knives with lanyard holes and pocket clip for added comfort and security will traveling. Some knives of this series have F.A.S.T. technology which allows a quick one-handed opening of the knives. Few of the folding knives feature integrated cross driver with file and medium flathead driver with a bottle opener for added convenience of the user.


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