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How to Defend Yourself in a Knife Attack

How to Defend Yourself in a Knife Attack

The spiraling incidents of armed attacks by criminals have put common people at risk. There is an ever-increasing need to be able to defend oneself against any such attack, especially if the attacker is armed with a knife.

We will share some proven ways in which you can situationally, in most probabilities, escape unharmed. When you are facing an assailant brandishing a knife, it is difficult to remain calm. It is very important to remember these tips:

  • Avoid confrontation

Any conflict or act that involves violence must be avoided at all costs. Try defusing the situation with money or valuable items, nothing is more precious than your life.

  • Run

There is not a better way to evade assault than to run away from the scene. There is no shame in fleeing from a perpetrator. Don’t try to be a hero. Save yourself by running for your life.

  • Stay in Safe area

Most knife attacks occur in secluded areas; so it is advisable to remain in open areas or near busy streets.

  • Find a Tool

It is almost impossible to take your eyes off an attacker that has a knife, but finding something that can be used as a counter attack weapon is feasible. Grab whatever you can to fight back, ideally something that puts the attacker in a doubt, enough to make the assailant give a second thought about attacking you. If the attacker is male, hit him in the testicles. Other recommended spots are shins and kneecaps.

  • Take the lead

Chances are that you won’t be carrying any safety arm with you. In such a situation your options are very limited. Your bare hands are your weapons on any given day so make use of them to disarm the assailant. The best spots are the head, nose, jaw and joints. A well placed blow on the throat can immediately incapacitate the attacker. Jabbing your fingers at their eyes, or a thrust on their chest are also potent options.

  • Getting the blade

This sounds improbable, but it is not impossible. One of your best options is to gain control of the knife.  These tips from a Bushido practitioner will give you an insight on the best ways to seize a knife from an attacker:

•          If the knife is held close to your body, put your hands by your head to make the attacker feel less threatened and give yourself a better chance of using your hands in self-defense

•          Identify the hand the attacker is holding the knife in and move that side of your body out of his reach as you back away 

•          While retracting your body, grab the attacker's knife hand with your opposite hand and pull it down hard 

•          Grab his knife hand with your free hand too, pushing the knife toward your attacker's body while pinning his wrist 


You will never want to be in this situation, but if you ever find yourself in one, it is important to follow these guidelines to protect yourself and escape harm's way. Money or valuables are never worth risking your life or the lives of loved ones.