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Delving Deeper Into Fixed Blade & Other Common Knives

Delving Deeper Into Fixed Blade & Other Common Knives

For ages, knives have been used for various uses. It has been used as weapon, survival/emergency tool, sports equipment, cutlery and culinary tool, traditional/ religious instrument and else. The first knife to be used by human was a fixed blade one, presumably made of one-piece stone. However, as humans evolved, so did the knives. The fixed blade knives got modified and folding knives came into being. Today, both the fixed blade and the folding blade are used for multiple uses.


Understand the Wide World of Knives

The blade of the folding knives is connected to the handle with the help of a pivot, which makes the blade collapsible. The blade can be folded into the handle with a locking mechanism that ensures the blade to be safely tucked into the handle contour. Folding knives can be differentiated through their locking mechanism. Few of the popular locking mechanism are elucidated below:

1.            The Traditional Slip joint: This mechanism is mostly found on traditional pocket knives. The blade, although doesn’t lock, is held in place by a spring system

2.            The Lockback/ Spine Lock:  A pivoted latch and spring mechanism, is used to lock the blade into the grooved handle. The patch needs to be pressed to release the blade.

3.            The Liner Lock:  A leaf spring-type liner incorporated in the contoured handle is used to lock the blade.  The liner is used to lock/collapse and unlock/release the blade.

4.            Button Lock: A simple push-button mechanism is used to release the blade out of the handle.

5.            The Axis Lock: A cylindrical bearing mechanism is used to lock and unlock the blade. Benchmade Knife Company holds exclusive license of this locking mechanism.

6.            The Arc Lock: The locking mechanism is similar to the Axis Lock, only the axial spring is replaced by the cylindrical bearing. The SOG Specialty Knives holds exclusively license to the Arc Lock.

7.            Ball Bearing Lock: This mechanism is similar to the Axis and Arc, with ball bearing replacing the cylindrical bearing. Spyderco holds its licensing rights.


The Journey for Knives, Continues…

It is clear that knife, just like humans, has evolved to a phenomenal extent. Knife is the first tool that human has befriended and, which for ages, has been a loyal friend of the mankind. We, at Knife Country have dedicated our online mega-store to this phenomenal and loyal tool. You can get almost all the knife variant present today at our store. For any queries and clarifications you can always get back to us at customercare@knifecountryusa.com.