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Choosing the Best Survival Knives Made Easy

Knives have been man’s most reliable tool since the Stone Age. They have been used for more than two-and-a-half million years for various purposes: survival, combat, food preparation, etc. The faithful knife begun its journey as a survival tool for humans and is still used for the same purpose. Today knives have a presence unlike any other tool in the history of humanity.


A Survival Knife Can Save your Day!

Nowadays, staying safe in this unpredictable world is a challenge.  Accidents can happen anywhere  at anytime, so it can be lifesaving to always prepare for the worst. For instance, a knife can be useful in rescuing victims from auto-collisions. The driver or passengers can be saved by cutting through a seatbelt that has trapped them. A knife’s ability to be used for multiple purposes makes it a perfect tool for any survival scenario. A knife will help perform a range of activities, from chopping fruits and vegetables and cutting through various obstacles to surviving threatening situations.

Knives of any sort can help you in survival circumstances. However, knives that are specially made for survival will simplify any duties. Using a kitchen knife for a survival purpose like cutting a seat belt in a car accident case may resolve a situation, although the extra time taken may unnecessarily risk lives. To undertake such situations, it is always better to use a knife specially manufactured for survival purposes.


Guidelines to Choose the Best Survival Knife

Choosing the best survival knife can be complicated unless you have a proper understanding on the subject. Read this article to get a basic view of how to select the best survival knives. The basic features are clarified below:

1.         Inclusion of a fixed blade in a survival knife allows it to be sturdier and more durable compared to a folding blade. A fixed knife doesn’t have any moving parts, making the knife relatively tenacious. Compared to a folding blade, a fixed blade knife has the ability to withstand more force and pressure with utmost ease.

2.         Survival knives incorporate longer and thicker tangs compared to other knives. This characteristic provides stability and strength to the fixed blade knife. However, there is a breed of riveted knives containing a hollow handle fitted with other tools like a compass, lighter, and flashlights. Such hollow handle knives can only be used for activities that require less pressure and force.

3.         According to survival experts and professional knife manufacturers; the ideal size for a survival knife blade should be four-six” long. A longer blade should be used in accordance to a task with a larger amount of pressure required. On the other hand, knives with smaller blades can be used for finer tasks that require greater precision.

4.         The type of blade incorporated is another aspect to consider while choosing the right knife. Conflicting views persist on the use of serrated blade and straight blade in a survival knife. A serrated blade is more useful in tasks like cutting ropes, belts etc. are performed. However, in a survival situation it becomes hard to sharpen. A better option is a knife that is partially serrated. While a straight blade will work in most survival situations, a fully serrated blade has never been an option among survival knives.

5.         Ergonomically designed handles gives a survival knife a better grip and comfort while using. Handle guards and specially designed hand/finger curves help the user have a strong grip over the knife, avoiding any slippage and consequent results.


A proper understanding of the protocol above will help you choose a survival knife that will sustain any survival and emergency situation. At Knife Country, with our decades of experience in offering the best quality knives, we will help you choose the survival knife that is perfect for your survival demands. Contact us at our toll free number: (800) 342-9118 or (248) 382-5285 or email customercare@knifecountryusa.com. We will answer any questions you have.