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Flexcut Tool Company, Inc. was established in 1986 with the name Falls Run Woodcarving. This was a small woodcarving shop, until in 1992; it emerged out as a customized manufacturing hub- Flexcut for contemporary hobbyists and other professionals. Now today, Flexcut designs and produces 300 products the woodcarving market. Quite popular "The Carvin' Jack CollectionÒ", stands out as the best among the lot. This collection includes folding jackknives, new specialty knives and other sharpening products, especially designed for wood carving process.


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The catalogue of Flexcut Knives includes 4 new Specialty Knives (Skewed Detail Knife, Fine Detail Knife, Radius Knife and Hooked Skew Knife), 18 Piece Deluxe Knife Set,  Flexcut Knife Strop, Draw Knives as well as Knife Sets. The special Carving Knives feature edge- holding steel as gouges and chisels. Every single features an ash handle and a high-carbon steel blade.


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