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Outdoor enthusiasts have a need for outdoor gear.  Portable stoves, knives, and utensils are necessities. Having specific gear that meets the individual's needs, yet, can withstand the abuse of Mother Nature is an important factor when purchasing outdoor  gear. Vargo Outdoor Gear speicalizes in meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiast.  


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Vargo Outdoor Gear, a small Pennsylvania-based gear manufacturer provides a multitude of such products. Pioneer of titanium stove and other gear, Vargo is manufacturer of titanium cookware, ultra light stoves, and backpacking accessories.


With nearly all products made of titanium, Vargo promises ultra light and durable gear, which can be easily and quickly packed and ready to move. Products such as Titanium Ti-Boiler are designed keeping in mind the needs of backpackers and trailblazers. The boiler has two components in order to cook two different food items simultaneously. Similarly, an equally unique product, Scork is a hybrid of spoon, fork and can opener.

In addition, various alcohol stoves and hexagon wooden stove make outdoor cooking a pleasure. Choose from a range of titanium pots, pans and extremely lightweight titanium tent stakes before heading out for camping or backpacking.

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