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Anza Fixed Blade Knives by Anza Knives

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Anza Knives were established in 1980 as a passionate knife-manufacturing brand. The long-running company is dedicated to producing high-quality products to maximize user comfort. The hand-made knives of this company are exclusive and different from the other products. Explore more from their collection made with superior and experienced craftsmanship. 


The Anza Fixed Blade Knives consists of an exquisite array of non-folding blade knives. Designed with precision, these knives are perfect to assist users engaged in tactical and adventure tasks like hiking, camping, mountaineering, camping, trekking, and more. The tactical knives have different blade shapes including clip point, drop point, skinner, and more. The clip point blades have a front section that appears to be clipped off, making the tip thinner. This shape of the knives is suitable for slicing. The drop point blades have a bigger belly with a thicker tip that makes them perfect for cutting and chopping. The skinner blades are most commonly used for skinning the big game animals. The knives have elk and micarta handles that are deployed to ensure a safe and secure grip, even in the extreme temperatures. Some knives have full tang that provides an improved grip and adds durability to the handles. Some of these knives come equipped with lanyard cord that keeps them safe from falling while traveling outdoors. Made in the USA, these tactical knives have sheath that keeps the protected from outside impacts like dents and scratches. 


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