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Charles Darwin has once historically propounded that only the species, who are able to adapt to the changing environment can survive. In today’s rapid changing world this adage fits quite well. For those who are more exposed to the great outdoors and are in the survival/rescue or in high-risk industry there is a need for the right tools and gear.  We at, Knife County USA stocks a wide collection of such survival tools and gears from the best brands like Survival Metrics.


Survive in the Toughest of Conditions with Survival Metrics

With years of professional expertise in making the best of survival and emergency tools and gears, Survival Metrics today, is one of the most popular brands. The products are made, after an extensive research and development phase, wherein inputs from various on-the-ground personnel like military and outdoor adventurist are solicited.


The brand offers a range of quality products like Outdoor shelter, sleeping bag, water collection and purification system, signaling gears, fire starting kit, navigation tools, medical kits, survival tools and lot more.


The Triangular Bandana/Cravat made of 100% quality polyester has survival information printed on it. It can be used in multiple purposes including face, neck or head protection, dust mask, foot or knee wrap, variety of first aid applications, signaling purposes, nd as a splint/tourniquet, or a sling.


The innovative Survival Hydro Kit allows the user to capture potable water from plants, using the power of sunlight.  It comes with, three specially formulated food-grade and UV stabilized collection bags. Compact and lightweight, it can save your day, when stuck in extreme outdoor conditions. The brand also offers many more survival and emergency products that would help you overcome even the most challenging emergency/survival situation at ease. Survive and Stay safe with Survival Metrics.


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Knife Country USA has been a leading provider of survival and emergency gears and accessories, since years. Now, an online mega-store, Knife Country USA boasts of more than three decades of experience in this segment. Get the best product from us at the right price.

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