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Red Ryder Knives

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Red Ryder the American Comic Strip

Red Ryder is an iconic Western Comic Strip created by Stephen Slesinger and artist Fred Harman which has served as the basis for an array of character merchandising. The first Red Ryder comic was published by Slesinger’s Hawley Publications, Inc. in September 1940. Dell Comics launched its Red Ryder in August 1941, changing its title to Red Ryder Ranch Magazine. The comic book consisted of reprints of newspaper strips that were syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association from November 6, 1938 through 1965.


Over the next four decades, under the license from Red Ryder, Enterprises, Inc. King Features Syndicate distributed comic reprints related into eleven languages, while unauthorized translations have been printed in 30 languages. The comic book became a radio series on February 3, 1942, on the Blue Network. It reappeared in a 1940 12-chapter serial, followed by a series of 27 movies.


The Characters and the Story

The story revolves around Red, a tough cowpoke who lived on Painted Valley Ranch with his aunt, and his horse Thunder, the Duchess, and his juvenile Native-American sidekick, Little Beaver, who rode his horse Papoose. The comic strip featured the Red’s adventure with other characters.


The Marketing Gimmick

Soon market was flooded with Red Ryder toys, novelties, gifts, accessories, sporting goods, and rugged outdoor, work, and play clothing. The stores were called “Red Ryder Corrals.” Besides being part of educational and sportsmanship contests, special events, and personal appearances, these stores supplied rugged clothing for men and boys.


Red Ryder Knives – Boys Hunting Knives


The Red Ryder Knives is a recognized name that is often heard when searching for a knife. These knives draw inspiration from the comic strip. The knives boast comic strip digitally printed on the blade. These knives are the perfect gifts for children who are learning to use knives. The manufacturer offers:


A Boy’s First Knife Set: The knife is the perfect cutlery for all your cutting needs. Made using durable materials, it is a flip-flop pocket knife that is crafted by skilled knife smiths. These knives are appreciated for edge retention for long period before the need to be honed. The handle ensures secure grip for tedious tasks. A Boy’s First Knife is the dire commitment of the manufacturer.


75th Anniversary Bowie Standard Edge: The knife boasts stainless clip point blade and wooden handles. What makes the knife special is its unique blade design that flaunts full color art on the front and the back. Expect the knives to have ebony handles with stainless-steel guard and spacers. It comes complete with a wood stand display.

These knives come complete with safety booklet and colorful giftbox.



The knives by Red Ryder Knives are free from manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will replace or repair the knives. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of the parts. In such a situation, Red Ryder Knives will provide you with the currently manufactured item that closely matched the item sent for repair.


However, Red Ryder Knives does not warrant against normal wear or misuse. It is to note that these knives are not meant to be used as pry bars, hammers, chisels, or screwdrivers. In case of damage or misuse, the manufacturer shall charge reasonable fees for repair services.


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