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Counter Assault Inc. is a US-based company since 1986, offering outdoor and personal defense accessories and tools. Their first line of product range, which included bear deterrent pepper sprays became an essential tool for every outdoor lover.

Counter Assault was established with a single purpose in mind, to keep the humans/adventurers safe from bears in the wild. Years of research and collaboration with the University of Montana produced an innovative non-lethal Bear Deterrent Spray formula. Later, the University of Montana Border Grizzly Project proved that this scientific formulation effectively prevented the bears from attacking humans. In the last three decades, the patented bear repellent solution has become a familiar name among travelers and humans alike.

The company began its operations and distributions at Missoula, Montana. From rangers and hunters to hikers and guides, everyone carries this effective Counter Assault Bear Deterrent (CABD) when traveling in the jungle. Even wildlife authorities and adventures find CABD a must-have outdoor tool to protect themselves from unfamiliar interactions with wild animals. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it easier to carry in backpacks, belts, or Counter Assault cross draw holster.

In the early 1990s, with the success of CABD, the company launched a range of personal defense sprays, known as OC-10®. Counter Assault OC-10® is a non-flammable, non-toxic aerosol spray utilized as a non-lethal alternative to human assault by law enforcement, the military, and the general public.

The CABD became the only bear pepper spray recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency registration in 1998. In addition, the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, comprised of several US Forest Service, state agencies, and other government officials, presented Counter Assault the 1998 Grizzly Bear Stewardship Award in December 1998 for significant engagement in bear deterrent research and development.

In February 1999, Counter Assault relocated to a new facility in Kalispell, Montana, mainly constructed to support pepper spray manufacture. In addition, counter Assault increased the size of its production facility in the first quarter of 2004 to fulfill growing demand. Finally, in the fourth quarter of 2008, Counter Assault completed a second expansion that almost quadrupled the size of its production facility.

Today, the Counter Assault bear deterrent Canisters and personal defense products are worldwide famous for their effectiveness. The product line includes jogger sprays, pepper foggers, holsters, pepper lipstick cases, and more. These personal defense accessories are designed to be ready for the unknown, whether in the wild or urban jungle.

Everything You want to know about Counter Assault Products

Counter Assault is an American company specializing in bear sprays, personal defense sprays, and outdoor tools. It is a more than a three-decade-old company based out of Kalispell, Montana. Most Counter Assault products are manufactured at the Montana facility. It moved out to this facility from Missoula to Kalispell in 2004.

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent sprays were developed in partnership with the University of Montana with the focus on finding a non-lethal solution to protect people from bear attacks. Dr. Charles Jonkel and Carrie Hunt of the University of Montana Border Grizzly Project created the scientific evidence that indicated Counter Assault's patented chemical formula and delivery mechanism successfully prevented bears from violent interactions in a non-lethal way in the early 1980s.

Most Counter Assault sprays have a four-year shelf-life and contain 8.1oz to 10.2oz active or active-inactive ingredients mix. Although the formulation has shown non-threatening effects on humans, it should be used with caution.

According to a 20-year study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, the bear-sprays worked more than 90% of the time in stopping black bear's undesirable behaviors.

Is it safe to use bear spray on humans and dogs? Bear pepper spray should not be used on dogs or other animals. The EPA regulates bear spray as a pesticide and has only been certified for use on some variants of North American bears. It should not be used on any other animals or people.

Bear spray, often known as a bear deterrent, is a substance designed especially for bears. Bear spray and pepper spray have different active chemicals (Capsaicin and related capsaicinoids). According to the studies, it is really effective.

The US federal states differ in their regulation of personal defense sprays. Except for a few states, the bear sprays are more or less allowed for purchase. Two US provinces, Massachusetts and New York prohibit any self-defense pepper spray shipment within their boundaries. Pepper spray for human attackers may only be acquired locally from a registered gun dealer in Massachusetts, and buyers must have a gun's identification card. There is also an age limit to possess and carry a pepper spray. Most state laws describe the minimum age as 16+.

Counter Assault OC-10® is a non-flammable, non-toxic aerosol spray utilized as a non-lethal alternative to human assault by law enforcement, the military, and the general public. Counter Assault is the first bear deterrence pepper spray registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency in June 1998.

Counter Assault Product Categories

Counter Assault Bear Sprays: Counter Assault Bear Sprays were designed with a new formula for maximum effectiveness, safety, and peace of mind during your wilderness adventures. It's one of the only bear sprays that leaves no residue and is proven to deter all bears—even brown bears. Use it this summer when you're enjoying the great outdoors! It comes in a canister with a safety tie string and a glow-in-the-dark safety wedge so you can easily find it when you need it and has been tested by top professionals.

Counter Assault Self Defense Sprays: The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes the outdoors can be a little challenging. If your boroughs feature in the main headlines for mugging and looting, consider buying a Counter Assault Pepper Spray for self-defense. Whether you keep it attached to your keychain or in your backpack, these personal defense sprays are a valuable tool when stepping outside. Counter Assault sprays feature an innovative OC-10 formulation that is non-lethal and non-flammable, but delivers a powerful high-volume, high-velocity blast.

Counter Assault Law Enforcement Products: Counter Assault provides non-lethal products for law enforcement. These pepper sprays are compatible with electronic immobilization devices and are available in three spray patterns. These tried and tested Counter Assault OC10-4F, OC10-2S, and the OC10-4M formula are effective yet safe deterrents for worst-case scenarios.

Counter Assault Outdoor Accessories: This category features various camping gear and accessories such as belt holsters, casing, and chest holsters for self-defense and bear deterrent spray canisters. These Counter Assault accessories are designed to be handy when you need quick access to personal defense sprays.

Counter Assault Outdoor Essential Series

Counter Assault Bear Sprays Series: Counter Assault Bear Spray is the most effective bear repellent on the market today. A top-quality, long-lasting bear spray at a cost-effective price- so you can enjoy wild adventures without worrying. Counter Assault Bear Spray is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. This series features scientifically tested bear repellant sprays developed in collaboration with the University of Montana. Most of these products come with a safety wedge that glows in the dark and a jogger holster for easy carrying. A reasonably priced bear spray at 32 feet is the best value and will ensure your safety as you explore outdoors!

Counter Assault Pepper Blitz Series: If you're tired of carrying around a bulky can of pepper spray, this lightweight, discrete and powerful personal defense mace is the perfect size for convenient and effective protection. This pepper spray provides up to 8 oz. of deterrent pepper spray to reach up to 32 feet. In addition, this series features self-defense pepper sprays with a rugged casing and comes with a jogger-style holster and key ring so you can carry the spray with you on every adventure, from city hikes to urban trail runs.

Counter Assault Personal Defense Series: The self-defense series consists of professional-grade pepper sprays made to last. These trail runner and jogger sprays are made from a blend of Capsaicin with the maximum allowed capsaicin concentration, making it practical and stronger than ever before! This series also offers numerous self-defense options, from pepper spray canisters and clam-packed sprays to backpack holsters and belt holsters to make the outdoor adventures safe, without the fear of unknown interactions.

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