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Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot is one of the most reputed and oldest companies in the ever-growing shooting and defense industry. The company guarantees fine high-quality products made with advanced technology at every step of the production process. The main products include pistols & revolvers, rifles, shotguns and Rimfire. Some parts are also manufactured for law enforcement departments and military applications. The quality of the products is maintained to be on military standards, which comes with a number of certifications. Along with fine quality manufacturing, Sellier & Bellot also focuses greatly on research and development which has given some really good results like- lead-free projectiles, infrared tracer bullets and NONTOX prime mixtures. Sellier & Bellot being a company that has mastered the industry comes as a first and foremost choice of customers.


History of Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & Bellot being one of the oldest and most famous companies in the shooting and defense industry has a legendary history. The company was founded in 1825 and now it has occupied one of the major positions in the Czech Ammunition production. Over the years company has also partnered up with many other companies and has grown and evolved the art of ammunition making. In the year 1992, Sellier & Bellot transformed from a state-owned company to a joint-stock company. In year 1960, Sellier & Bellot produced 14.3 million cartridges of M. 59 and 109 million cartridges of M. 43. The company’s long and interesting history is something that makes every cartridge produced by it special and memorable.


Preferred by Professionals

Sellier & Bellot has a customer base bigger than almost every other company involved in shooting and defense industry. The customer list of Sellier & Bellot includes some of the greatest militaries and law enforcement agencies of the world. The long and great legacy of this company has been carried with its heirs and it still remains intact. The flexibility in the production of Sellier & Bellot ammunition allows the company to cater the customizable orders of different militaries and law enforcement agencies of the world. Sellier & Bellot follows C.I.P. instruction for commercial ammunition and for military grade ammunition, NATO and former Russian standards are applied.


Wide Range of Ammunition

Since its beginning, Sellier & Bellot is known for the quality as well as the range and options in the ammunition they provide. The product catalog of Sellier & Bellot includes pistol and revolver ammunition made for commercial as well as military purposes, rifle ammunition made with modern and highly efficient design, shotgun shells made with plastic, center fire caps, Rimfire ammunition, components and law enforcement products. All these ammunitions are designed with innovative technology and made with fine craftsmanship to provide best results for both commercial and military purposes.


Sellier & Bellot Warranty


Every product sold by Sellier & Bellot is warranted to be free of any material and manufacturing defects. In case such a defect comes up, the owner can avail the warranty against the defect. The company analyses the problem with the product and chooses to either repair or replace the product depending upon the magnitude of the defect. If the returned product is unavailable, then Sellier & Bellot replaces the product with a matching product of same features. Owner can only claim the warranty for the item it they have the original receipt of purchase. Without the original receipt, owners are not allowed to make any kind of warranty claims.

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