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Safariland Group is a well-known name among top producers of tactical and survival gears. The group has 13 different brands as a member which are driven by one single goal of manufacturing everything which can be of use for a survivalist, law enforcement officer, adventurer. The foundation of this company was laid back in 1964. On the request of his father, the founder Neale Perkins designed a custom holster for his gun and ever since then, Safariland has not stopped. Doing nothing but expanding, Safariland which started with production of just holsters, now produces tactical protection gear, body armors, gun accessories, forensic research equipment and what not. It has become a hub for all kinds of protection gear maintaining its goodwill for over 55 years now. Their agenda “Together we save lives” is something they have lived by since they started on this track while striving for new innovative products to research, engineer and design.


Cater To One, Cater To All: Serving The Mankind

There isn’t just one customer group that Safariland Group has targeted. The initial stages were about customized holsters for gun enthusiasts, yes, but the evolution that came later brought a new light to the perspective of the company. From manufacturing products catering to the hobbies and collections of people, they have reached a platform where they satisfy the need for quality protective gear in the military division, forensic equipment for research purposes, essential gear for sportspeople and more. Safariland which used to be a one-man army at a time is now a fully-functioning group of several big brands in one. Brands like BianchiBreak FreeDefense Technology , EVI-PAQForensics SourceHatch, Hiatt, Identicator, Lightning Powder, Med-Eng, Monadnock, NIK , Public Safety, PROTECH,   PROTECH Armor Systems, Rogers, Safariland, TCI are members of Safariland Group.


One Too Many Categories

Diversity matters a lot. We all can agree on this fact. As alluring as the concept of diversity may sound, it is rather to maintain all the aspects of a diversified business. Moreover, serving a large number of people is not an easy task. The larger the specs, the more variety is required to satisfy the diverse need of the lot. Despite all the challenges, Safariland group has been more than successful in providing a huge range of options among protective, decorative and research gear. They have a fantastic range of holsters including everything from durable gun holsters to duty belts, magazine pouches, handcuff pouches, etc.- everything an officer may need for a proper uniform. Tactical gear range contains soft and hard ballistic armors, riot control shields, concealable armors, overt carriers, etc. Forensic equipment has everything from drug test kits to documentation material, fingerprinting kits, evidence packaging etc. long story short, you are need of anything related to field protection- Safariland Group is your pal.


Getting Done A Bit More Than Required

Aren’t we all guilty of never having our needs and desires satisfied? We are. And that is why we love options and variety. Playing in the same grounds, Safariland Group offers a bit more than what is expected of it. They have an exclusive collection of ear protection gear and communication aids for professional shooters and technical experts. People who have made a career in the field of shooting require these ear protectors to keep ears from damaging by the noise produced when a shot is fired. Although there are many brands working on the same line of products but the quality you get from Safariland Group is on whole other level. Along with manufacturing gear protection gear, Safariland Group is also a pro in survivability systems, machine gun mounts, etc. They have their foot firmly stomped in all related fields.


Warranty For Full Customer Satisfaction

Warranty is not something you will find lacking here. Safariland Group provides a full lifetime warranty on all products depending on the expected lifespan for them. Any products identified with a manufacturing or workmanship defect is fully eligible for a replacement or repair (if possible) by the manufacturer. However, there are some general exclusions to the warranty conditions: any product modified, tampered with, ill-used or mishandled by the user. Products sustaining damages due to normal wear and tear are also void of it. Rest can be handled properly by our ever-ready customer support executives. In case you run into any such situation, simply contact us and we will assist you in every possible way to resolve the issue at hand.


Knife Country: For All Tactical Needs

Need a new addition to your glorious knife collection or need a to get new and better-quality gear for your next adventure with mother nature? Knife Country is your to go place for it all. We have everything from tactical gear, survival equipment, sling shots, combat knives, protection material, swords to books and videos. Be it extending some theoretical knowledge or prepare for a practical scenario, you will never face a scarcity as long as you have Knife Country as your pal. Our inventories are always stocked at all times. For queries, get in touch with our customer care support by writing to us at  customercare@knifecountryusa.com or call us at (800) 342-9118 (Toll Free).

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