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Tool Logic Multi Tools

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From LED lights to knives and multi-tools, all one's survival kit needs can be fulfilled at a one stop shop, Tool Logic. Based in Lynnwood, WA; Tool Logic believes in preparedness. From its line of innovative multi-tools, Tool Logic's compact kit keeps one ready.


The Logic Behind TOOL LOGIC

A motley crew of tools as it may seem, multi-tool kit contains essentially a serrated blade, optional LED flashlight, combination can/bottle opener, awl, tweezers, toothpick, and in/cm ruler. These tools offer multitude of functionality when backpacking or on the outdoors. As the name suggests, the Tool Logic® is hell bent to provide its users with no-nonsense logical tools, all made from the highest quality materials.


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Huge range of innovative knives, compact tools and flashlights manufactured by Tool Logic are available today. The multi-tools are credit card sized and easily fit in any pocket. Serrated, tough knifes in different designs offer protection and utility when dealing with nature. Durable and long lasting, these tools come with a promise to perform when in need. Tested on various industrial standards and on the outdoors, these tools are practical every bit.

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