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SureFire is a major supplier and manufacturer of practically designed flashlights, headlamps, laser sights, sound-suppressors, and weapon-mounted lights. The company was established in October 17, 1979, as Laser Products Corporation. SureFire was founded by three great entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts Dr. John Matthews, Dr. Peter Hauk and Ed Reynolds in Fountain Valley, California. The brand has a specialization in developing the fines-quality industrial lasers. SureFire products are commonly used in the United States law enforcement agencies. In 1984, SureFire supplied the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Los Angeles Police Department with industrial-grade shotgun laser sights for use during the 1984 Summer Olympics.


Offers Industrial Grade Products

The company works diligently to produce high-quality flashlights available in different sizes, power outputs, and housing composition. Every SureFire flashlight is manufactured in the United States, and most of their components such as LEDs are sometimes sourced overseas. The company used Seoul Semiconductor and Cree XR-E LEDs in most flashlights introduced in 2007. The ISO certified company highly caters to the increasing demands of travelers, hunters, campers, hikers and adventure enthusiast by crafting high-quality and durable rechargeable flashlights. Most of these flashlights are weather-proof and resistant to abrasion, they can easily withstand everyday handling.


Quality Construction That Boosts Strength and Durability

A SureFire is compact in size, light in weight and easily fit in any pocket, camp kit or backpacks. Most flashlights are powered by primary lithium CR123A and AA batteries and offers high power output. These lights feature Black aluminum and polymer construction that adds to the long shelf life. Some of the tactical, everyday carry flashlights have Red and infrared LEDs with TIR lens. Some models include an integrated "strike bezel" for use as a self-defense weapon. These handheld flashlights are highly appreciated by and are a frequent choice among military forces, police, federal services, and EMS personnel. SureFire also produces military weapon lights for mounting on handguns, rifles, sub-machine guns and shotguns.


Understanding the Wide and Unique Product Range


In this limited timeframe, SureFire has established itself as the leading manufacturer and supplier of powerful, highly functional and rugged illumination tools. The wide inventory of laser sights, shield lights, baton lights, flashlights, and weapon-mounted lights are bright enough to qualify as ‘force-option’ tools that could temporarily disorient, blind and unbalance a threat or opponent.


SureFire PLRA Stiletto Pocket Light: The water and abrasion resistant lights feature polymer construction. These pocket lights are available with MaxVision beam, primary and tactical switch and micro USB charging cord. These tactical lights have melonite coated spring steel pocket clip for bezel up carry with an anodized aluminum head. Stiletto offers 1 ¾ hours runtime in high mode and 2 hours runtime in low mode.


SureFire E2DLUT E2D Defender Tac Flashlight: features industrial-grade aluminum construction with Tailcap switch. These single output lights also have TIR lens and crenulated strike bezel. These lights provide up to 1000 lumens light with 2 ¾ hours of runtime in high mode whereas in the low mode they provide 5 lumens light with 63 hours of runtime.


SureFire V1CBK Vampire Red/IR LED Flashlight: available in different models and sizes. These tactical illumination tools are available in Red and infrared LEDs along with TIR lens. A reliable and highly functional Bezel allows switching between Red light and IR light. These water-resistant flashlights are powered with CR123A batteries.


SureFire Tactician Dual Output Flashlight: features industrial-grade anodized aluminum construction with tactical switch. These LED lights provide up to 800 lumens lights with a successful runtime of 5 hours.


SureFire EDCL1T 3V Everyday Carry Tactical Flashlight: caters largely to military forces, special forces, police, travelers and people involved in risky jobs. These premium-quality LED flashlights feature the finest-quality anodized aluminum construction with dual tactical switch. These LED lights provide up to 1200 lumens lights with a successful runtime of 5 hours.


Warranty Information

SureFire aims to provide the finest-quality and damage-free products. The company has a return and repair policy against any manufacturing and workmanship defects. The brand ensures replacement of any defective product with a new one or with one which matches closely to the ordered product. As per SureFire policies, few products cannot be replaced due to the limited availability of parts of the ordered product. Also, it is clearly mentioned that the flashlights, LED lights and headlamps should not be mishandled or meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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