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The entire bicycling world had become utterly frustrated with the lack of proper usable tools, which also presented themselves in compact form and which worked. The need was felt for the conception of Multi tools that would function effectively on the field and off it. There were simply no other tools available, of the fix it sticks kind, that would provide to the user an entire array of advantages over the conventional multi tools. Founder Brian Davis kickstarted the very successful Fix It Sticks campaign in 2014 for bicycle tools and soon also began to manufacture tool kits for shooting and hunting expeditions. These tools pack easily in a seat bag or a jersey pocket. One of the world’s most lightweight tool kit set, the Fix It Sticks are firmly pressed into place and do not come out. No lost bits and no frustrating failures from moving parts.


Versatile Hand Tools that can be used in Every Situation

Fix It Sticks hand tools perform like a three-way wrench, travels like a multi tool. The base kits consist of at least 16 bits and two steel construction handles that fit together to form a T handle, while the deluxe kits are inclusive of base kits, but include other devices like torque limiters, sockets and adapter sets. The approach of Fix It Sticks is completely different from other multi tools available. Your Fix It Sticks configuration is always customizable, the tool kits can be used in a very objective or goal specific manner.


Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition

The Replaceable edition is a very popular and efficient take it with your screwdriver set comprising of a T handle and 18 bits held together in molded bracket. The replaceable T handle accepts any standard bit, so may be used according to need in almost every situation. The very modular Fix It Sticks tool kit set does not require any sort of work bench for their perusal. They can be used any place under a multitude of conditions.


Line of Efficient Torque Limiters

On-field adjustments and manipulations of shooting equipment is just as important as initial preparation for the expedition. Adjustments are required not only to enhance device accuracy, but also to keep equipment in functional order. These limiters are very effective in limiting the tightening of fasteners.


Delivering the Most Compact Quality Products with Warranty

All Fix It Sticks products are warranted by the Fix It Sticks Corp for a maximum period of two years, and one year in case of torque limiters.


Knife Country- Destination for All-Adventure Related Equipment

Knife Country, which started out as a small family-based business in Michigan has gradually gained reputation in the knife and tool industry. It has transformed into a well-established web store with a huge selection of hunting gear, knives and other survival tools. Fix It Sticks is one of the better Multi tools manufacturers on the market. When shopping at Knife Country, you may rest assured about the product quality.

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