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Primos Hunting has a long history that roots back to 1900. Flora, Mississippi-based company that started with a passion for hunting and turned out as a big venture. Operations and production at Primos Hunting took a more formal, organized shape in 1976. It was a beginning of a legendary journey that taught a hunter, initiating from the duck calls to the first bow. Since the passion for hunting was not only restricted till manufacturing different tools, deep research and inventing varied mouth calls was a part of hunting as well. Primos Yelpers, a family business that promoted the mouth calls didn’t seem enough and then the idea of incorporating videos sparked. The first video showcasing ‘Spring Turkey Hunting with Primos” was a big hit and reached out to many people at a rapid pace and making people believe in the mouth calls. The success of the first video led to the launch of more series that covered call games for deer, turkey, elk, predator and waterfowl hunting.


Expect Innovative Products At Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting is committed to deliver the best-in-class products with the designing and manufacturing of game calls elk, turkey, deer, predator and waterfowl. Knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals of the company strive hard to deliver ingeniously designed products with optimum design, quality workmanship and material. From ground blinds to shooting sticks to trail cameras, expect the best and innovation led products at Primos Hunting. The bestselling products include shooting accessories, attractants & supplements, includes the Electronic Predator with Adjustable Rubber Strap, Game Camera, Varmint Ultra bright LED Light. ‘We are our own customer’ is what Primos Hunting believes in that makes the brand stand apart in the crowd.


Not just restricting to the indoor manufacturing, the real source of inspiration are the expert hunters, the strict field-testing by them helps in the production of hunting products that are exactly required. The company is built by the hunters for the hunters.Each product at Primos Hunting is tested rigorously to allow users have a better hunting experience. The brand offers over 600 products that are distributed worldwide via Flora, Mississippi and game call factory in Brookhaven.


Primos’ TRUTH about Hunting, DVD’s, Mastering the Art video series, TV Shows and Stream The Language YouTube Videos are doing exceptionally well in the international market and make the brand a preferred name amidst other.


Primos Warranty

Primos products are warranted to be free of defects in terms of material and quality. Primos will repair or replace with a new item any Primos product only after consulting the repairing department of the company. The replacement depends on the availability of the original part. The offered products by Primos are not to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers that hamper the performances or the quality.


Knife Country: Finest Knives, Premium Cutlery, Bestselling Survival Tools

Knife Country has continued to occupy a reputable position as one of the most reliable names offering wide range of tools and cutlery, with the assurance of genuine merchandise and optimum quality. Indeed, a haven for the globetrotters and adventure enthusiasts, expect the more than 30,000 models to select across lifestyle products, accessories for outdoor exploration, camping, fishing, adventure vacationing, self-defense, combat, and survival products. Rest assured for the quality, the products are sourced from 500+ genuine manufacturers across the world. The emphasis is on emphasis on bestselling products like flashlights, camping gear, backpacks, and other survival equipment.


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