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Started with the motto ‘your knife says a lot about you,’ Burnside Knives LLC is determined to create essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts and working professionals. Founded in 2015 by Rick and Lyndsay Maderis, the manufacturer believes that there is room for small knife business to compete. Started in a machine shop, the company now takes pride in making quality knives that not only draw inspiration from the roots, but also ensure customer satisfaction and reliability.  The company strives to innovating knives that look sophisticated for everyday carry, hunting, fishing, or working pocket knife.


Learning More about Burnside Knives

Headquartered in Portland, the American knife company has a promising future in the industry. Burnside offers a wide collection of multipurpose knives. These tools are primarily made using high-quality materials like stainless steel and titanium. Often used as camping knives, hunting knives, or outdoor knives, they usually come with single groove in the handle, which provides a comfortable grip. Featuring smooth finish, these knives can also be used for self-defense, slicing fruits and chopping vegetables. With hollow ground and curve-shaped blade, these knives make ideal kitchen knives. The best part— these knives are easy to maintain.


Knives with Unique Locking Mechanisms

Burnside Knives has carved its niche as the manufacturer of folding pocket knives that are available in two unique locking systems- Framelock and Linerlock. The Framelock knives have a basic lock-like system. It requires a convincing amount of thrust to open the blade. When you open the blade, the frame lock moves within the handle, creating a unique locking system. The knives are stronger than linerlock knives and offer more precise cuts. Compact in size with a liner inside the handle, the knives gained recognition during 1980s. The handle of these knives is cut from steel, which is comparatively thicker than the liner of other knife-lock mechanisms. Having an inner liner, the tip of the Framelock knife gets hooked at the bottom.


The linerlock knives were one of the biggest developments ever in the history of knife industry. Widely used by military personnel to everyday civilians, the liner lock knives have been fulfilling the cutting, chopping and slicing tasks for generations. Like other folding knives, these knives contain moving parts. These knives use a spring leaf in the handle to open and close the blade, preventing premature closure. The leaf is fabricated from titanium alloy or steel, keeping it functional and rust-proof for a long time. Perfect for single-handed opening, the knives are durable and smooth. These lock blade knives are easy to conceal, deploy, use, and close, making them popular among the outdoor enthusiasts. They are perfect to be used in tactical and survival toolkits.


Diving Deeper into Burnside Knives Product Series


Burnside Framelock Pocket Knives: The series includes folding pocket knives with unique locking mechanism. Expect the knives to be available in black finish and satin finish. They are equipped with titanium blade with extended tang for high performance and satin finish handles for secure grip. Easy to open, the framelock system ensures the knife remains open when in use and prevents accidental closure. These knives are ideal to be used as tactical knives, combat knives and camping knives.


Burnside Linerlock Pocket Knives: The series includes knives with linerlock locking system. These knives are equipped with spear point blades. The blades feature AUS 8 stainless construction. These knives have black handles that ensure secure grip. What makes these knives unique is their linerlock mechanism. The knives have side-spring lock that can be opened and closed single-handedly without the need to reposition the knife in the hand. These knives work well as everyday carry knives.


Burnside Cabrillo Series Knives: The series gets its name from Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spanish explorer who was one of the first Europeans to reach Oregon. The Cabrillo knives mark Burnside’s first expedition into the cutlery industry. The knives of this series are equipped with 4 in. blade made from AUS-8 stainless-steel with a black titanium nitrate finish. The knives are hollow ground and excellent for slicing. The handle is smooth black G10 stainless steel liners with an ergonomic shape. The thumb-ramp on the handle and the blade are both properly jimped and the pocket clip is reversible for tip-up right- or left-hand carry.


Burnside Strauss Series Knives: The series includes framelock knives that remain open during use. These knives feature D2 tool steel blade with standard edge. The handles are made using G-10 stainless steel and are black-finished. The extended tang construction ensures good performance.



Burnside Knives products are warranted to be free from defects in terms of material used and manufacturing defects. In case of any defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product with a new item. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of the parts. In such a situation, Burnside Knives will provide you with the currently manufactured item that closely matched the item sent for repair. However, the warranty stands void in case the product is misused or subjected to normal wear and tear. These folding pocket knives cannot be used as hammer, chisel, pry bars. In such a situation, the manufacturer will analyze the product and charge considerable amount as repair fee. In case of any warranty or question about the condition of the Burnside Knives product, connect with the retailer.


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