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Cattle Pocket Knives

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A Cattle Knife is a heavy-duty Pocket Knife. It usually has three blades-spay a punch, or a sheepfoot. Four-blade Cattle Pockets are not easy to find, often available with avid knife collectors only. Cattle Pocket Knives were initially designed for use in and around livestock.


Delving Deeper into Cattle Knife

We have listed some pointers for our customers to explore and understand this unique market of knives:

  • A standard Cattle Pocket Knife is a round-shaped knife.

  • It includes a swell-center canoe and double-ended jacks.

  • This knife is most common among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists.

  • The most elaborated type of Cattle Pocket Knife is a Spear-blade Cattle Knife.

  • Along with precision in cuts, Cattle Pocket Knives offer great ease of operation.

  • An unusual type of Cattle Pocket Knife operates on three back springs—these back-spring whittlers are always paired with third-pen-blade.


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