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Equestrian's Pocket Knife

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Horse grooming is a sacred art and picking the hoof is an essential part of grooming the horse. Apart from derbies, horse races, and equestrian, horseback riding continues to grow as a recreational option and a skill. Here, horse-grooming tools are invariably involved. However, always having access to such a wide array of tools isn’t possible. Sometimes, picking the hoof in the outdoors can become an urgent requirement. This is where the utility of Equestrian’s Pocket Knife surfaces—a simple combination of a clip point and a hoof pick.


Equestrian Pocket Knife

The Clip Point broadens the ambit of functionality for a pocketknife whereas the Hoof Pick scores for its actual identity. The Hoof Pick is an instrument used for cleaning the hoof of a horse. Professional horse riders recommend picking the hooves before and after the race. Hoof Picks will let you clean even the most insignificant dirt particles from the hooves, ensuring there is no trapping of debris. If done on a regular basis, this keeps the horse’s feet healthier. The Hoof Pick in the Equestrian Knife functions at par with a standalone pick.


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