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Gunstock Pocket Knives

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A Gunstock Pocket Knife is essentially a slightly slender, thinner version of the typical Jack Knife,, for example, with a spear blade or clip blade. In most cases, the second blade is a pen—a trend that still continues. During 1920, Case ventured in to the market with Gunstock Pocket Knives. The line production of such knives continued to the mid of 1970s, popularized due to their compact form, perfect for fitting into a pocket.


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Rough black Delrin and bone emerged as the most popular handle options for knife manufacturers. Today people experiment with different materials, with Gunstock Pocket Knives. There is an increasing demand for other options like wood and plastic. Knife enthusiasts, across the globe, are still in awe for the antique versions of such knives—regarded worthy to be a part of any knife collection.


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Knife Country USA is an e-store, selling popular and unique knives and outdoor accessories. To ensure we can deliver the best prices and quality, we handpick Gunstock Pocket Knives from the topmost brands in the market, like Rough Rider, Colt, Queen, and Browning. Our shipping, pricing, and return policies are clearly explained to avoid confusion.

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