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The Titan knives, another EDC offering from Bestech's value line, were created by Keanu Alfaro and were modeled after the "Mad Titan," the weapon used by Marvel's Thanos. Similar to the stocky design of the blades on Thanos's double-bladed weapon, the wide tanto blades are made of D2 and have the same thickness. These D2 tool steel blades are strong and can maintain their sharpness even after long rough use. All the knives in the series have blades with stonewash finishing. The blades rocket open thanks to Bestech's excellent ceramic bearing pivot structures, which open with a push of the flipper tabs. Having been heavily milled from robust G10, the handles match the shape of the blade to produce a uniform profile. These G10 handles are hard and have an ergonomic feel to them, mostly owing to their surface texture. The knives have discrete liner locks that lock, and they also have deep carry pocket clips made of black titanium.

Additionally, these knives also feature extended tangs that give them extra strength against hard surfaces and are crucial to the balance of the blades. The pocket clips are sturdy and provide a great way to clip the knives in the pockets and render easy portability away from the public eyes.

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