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The Draco knives include a very ornate and high-end section of the Bestech line of knives, which is a departure from the ordinary. The Damascus blades have a fairly aggressive shape, with a clip point and blade cutouts that allow for a different opening method than the flipper tabs. The knives explode open with just the appropriate amount of pressure on the flipper and lock up firmly with the liner lock, continuing Bestech's smooth pivot design. The handles on these knives really stand out. They're composed of glossy rosewood with ornately carved metal bolsters that compliment the blade's Damascus patterning nicely. The bolsters are vital in providing these knives with counterforce and balance. The knives in the Draco series come with a black stonewashed stainless steel pocket clip and a steel backspacer that extends a bit past the handles to accommodate a lanyard hole. With thumb pulls that make way for the easy opening of these knives, the extended tang is vital for giving them balance while in use. Due to their moisture and water-repellant character, the nylon zipper cases are extremely helpful in protecting these knives’ blades’ sharpness.

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