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Rough Rider Karambit Knives by Rough Rider Knives

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Rough Rider Knives is a knife manufacturing brand that continuously focuses on crafting premium-quality knives. The tactical knives manufactured by Rough Rider are appreciated by knife enthusiasts across the world. Premium-quality material used for the construction of these knives ensures high-performance. Rough Rider Knives specialize in crafting some of the most used folding pocket knives, fixed blade knives and a variety of multi-tools.


Rough Rider Karambit Knives features a wide variety of tactical knives that are appreciated by knife enthusiasts across the world. Crafted using premium-quality material, these knives are known for delivering excellent performance in tactical situations. These knives have linerlock opening that ensures quick and safe opening during deployment. Crafted from sturdy materials like stainless steel, the blades are perfect for cutting, chopping, puncturing, piercing and using as a tactical weapon. The handles are often constructed with G-10 material that is known for its exceptional mechanical strength. Some of the knives also have black composition handles that ensures a comfortable grip. These knives are smartly designed with finger ring that provides a safe usage. The glass breaker attached with the knives can be used as a striking device. The lanyard hole in the knives provides you with safe storage options. You can explore through a wide range of knives by Rough Rider Knives through Knife Country USA.


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