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EOS Folding Pocket Knives by EOS Wallets Cases and Knives

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EOS Folding Pocket Knives - Precision Engineered for the Modern Adventurer


Embark on your next adventure with the unrivaled precision of EOS Folding Pocket Knives, now available at Knife Country USA. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, these knives are not just tools but a statement of quality and design excellence.


  • EOS120 - EOS Auto Harpoon OTF: Experience the seamless blend of functionality and style with the EOS120, featuring a robust CPM-20CV stainless blade and a sleek black anodized aluminum handle.


  • EOS123 - EOS Auto Harpoon OTF Gray: The EOS123 sets itself apart with a sophisticated gray aluminum handle and blue anodized titanium hardware, alongside the convenience of automatic opening.


  • EOSORCAS - Orca S Framelock SW: The Orca S Framelock SW Knife is a testament to durability, with a stonewash finish CPM S35VN stainless modified tanto blade and titanium handle.




The EOS Prawn Folder series, from EOS012 to EOS027, offers a unique slip joint design and a range of materials and finishes, ensuring there is an EOS knife to suit every taste and requirement.


Crafted with pride in the USA, each EOS Folding Pocket Knife is designed for those who demand excellence and durability in their cutting tools. Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman or a knife enthusiast, these knives will not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Explore our extensive collection and let Knife Country USA be the partner in your quest for the best in EOS Folding Pocket Knives.

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