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Deejo 27g Knives (27 Grams) by Deejo Knives

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Deejo manufactures the lightest knives in the world that matches and fulfills the ever-evolving demands of customers from around the corner. Deejo was founded by two cross-country epicurean Stéphane Lebeau and Luc Foin. The brand was initially designed by the famous knife-manufacturing company, Baladeo. The company works dedicatedly to create ultralight, super thin and highly functional knives.


Deejo 15g Knives Series offers lightweight, compact and ergonomically-designed knives manufactured in China. These everyday carry knives weigh only 15 g (0.5 ounces). Most of these knives feature clip point blade manufactured from the finest quality, matte finished 420 stainless steel. The clip point blades are perfect for almost every outdoor task which includes cutting, slicing, chopping, and piercing. Many of these folding knives have a linerlock locking mechanism that offers a safe closure to the knife and prevents accidental opening. The linerlock mechanism allows a single-hand operation to the users. The handles too are manufactured from sturdy stainless steel to ensure great functionality, durability and high performance. These tactical and multi-purpose knives are compact in design that they easily fit in every pocket, purse, camp kit or backpack. The Deejo 15g Knives series also offers knife boxes with three different Deejo knives. Most of these kits include Deejo ‘Color’, ‘Wood’ and ’Naked’ models of knives with framelock locking mechanism. Explore the full collection of distinctive looking Deejo knives at Knife Country USA.


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