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Gerber Flash-Lights - Lanterns - Headlamps by Gerber Knives

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Gerber Gear is an American knife and tool company that provides innovative and highly-functional outdoor gear for travelers and adventurers. Started by Joseph R. Gerber in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, USA, the brand is popular as the master of innovative go-to-gear. From headlamps, and flashlights to multi-tools, axes, handsaws, and machetes, the brand inventory offers everything you require for camping, hunting, mountain climbing, and survival.


The Gerber Flash-Lights - Lanterns - Headlamps is designed to assist users in adventure activities including hunting, trekking, mountaineering, camping, and climbing. The series consists of all the necessary tools required by the user as a survival kit when engaged in tough outdoor activities and uncertain circumstances. The tactical series has a range of torches with illuminating normal and LED lights. The Gerber torches are designed to be adjusted in low, medium, and high mode (depending upon the different model). Many torches from this series come with a back case that makes them easy to carry. Most of these tactical torches work on AAA batteries features a diverse run time, depending on the models they are used at. The lantern in this series comes with a free touch tap on/off switch. It includes LED light indicators and offers a spring-loaded handle clip for an easy and comfortable carry with a maximum runtime of 15 hours on 300 lumens. This series by Gerber includes survival kit with a sheath or carry bag to accommodate multi-tools, survival tools, like knives, foldable axes, wire strippers, tactical flashlight, cable DAWG communication tools and more. Explore through this series for high-quality products that are a must-have in adventure journeys.


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