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Pelican Nemo LED Series Lights by Pelican Cases and Flashlights

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Pelican is a name synonymous with ultra-reliable airtight protective cases that have appreciable water-proofing. Pelican has been offering industry-defining protection cases since 1976. Dave Parker started the company in their garage and now, the brand has grown by leaps & bounds owing to protective cases that retain their legendary toughness in all types of challenging scenarios. Catering to different businesses, individuals, rescue operations teams, search units employed by state agencies, and military units around the world, Pelican offers temperature-controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems, and rugged gear. Users get the confidence in knowing that these cases can function in the most demanding conditions. Just consider this—Pelican’s BioThermal range has been awarded the Queen’s Award for the Chronos Advance. This highlights the quality on offer!


Pelican Nemo LED Series Lights ensures that users like you get the best in artificially illuminated vision in conditions where natural light is missing or severely compromised. Some of these units have been adopted by armed units and combat specialists. Designed primarily to cater to outdoor applications, Nemo LED Series represents the toughest LED lighting units that can perform with negligible care. The choice of materials needs no assurance with only durable and high-performance materials used to ensure these lights are not bothered by accidental falls or use in wet, slippery, dusty, and bad weather conditions. The outer housing is fabricated using high-strength ABS resin. Not just low-light conditions, the Nemo series works in pitch dark environments too. The Nemo LED offers super bright LED beam with high lumens and covers a wide area to make visual detection easier. The featured flashlights have a sleek design and some have the twist on/off activationfor quick access.


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