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Robert Klaas Mule Pocket Knife Series by Robert Klaas Knives

Robert Klaas boasts of having originated, flourished and thrived in Solingen – the city is regarded as the knife-making capital of the world and has created many of the best blades ever documented. Today, many early-day manufacturers have shifted out, moving into modern facilities but Robert Klaas remains rooted in tradition, carrying on the production facility for nearly 180 years. Robert Klaas has evolved as an industrial facility but still the emphasis remains on hand-finishing to ensure every product gets a boutique touch. A genuine family-based business, it has made it to the world’s most respected knifing brands.


Robert Klaas Mule Knife Series consists of some handy pocket knives that are not averse to being pushed hard. This includes knives with premium hardwood handles. Many have brass pins on the handle and carry liners. Expect the use of time-honored materials like high carbon steel that is known to yield the best blades. Most knives in this series have the characteristic etching—these are truly classic knives. These everyday carry knives have clear European inspirations and can be useful for a wide range of outdoor and indoor duties. The layout is compact, the handle is easy to grip, and the edge durable. This is why pocket knives by Robert Klaas can be spotted in the gear of outdoorsmen and handymen, and often feature in knife collections too.


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