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Reate K3 Knife Series by Reate Knives

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Reate Knives provides supreme quality knives famous amongst the hunting, camping and knife enthusiasts. Being a knife fanatic himself, David Deng founded this company by incorporating ideas from artisans belonging to different countries including Europe, Asia, and the USA. The knives are manufactured in collaboration with many knife makers and designers including Todd Begg, Rick Barrett, and Tashi Bharucha. The company adopt the latest technology in making this knife and test it at every production process.


Reate K3 knife series produces tactical flipper knives inspired by Todd Begg designs are manufactured in China. The knives are made with rust proof Damascus steel. The blades have a pointed tip with the deep hollow grind that provides maximum sharpness and hardness to the product. The handles are made with titanium material and some of the handles have mokuti inlay which enhances the ergonomic feature of the knives. Most of the satin finished K3 knives comes with replaceable lock bar, pocket clip, and lanyard holes. Stainless blades with flat grind help in meeting the demands of professional hunters, outdoorsmen, campers, collectors, and survivalists.


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