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Ontario Dozier Knife Series by Ontario Knife Company

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Ontario Knife Company was established in 1889. The initial operation of the company took place in Naples, New York with primary product-line including the knives. During the initial days, Ontario Knife Company used to sell products via pushcart in the neighboring countryside. Once the demand for the products increased, Ontario Knife Company moved to Franklinville in 1902. Current, the company has headquartered in Franklinville, New York and is manufacturing wide range of tactical knives which are at par in excellence to marine knives. Currently, Ontario Knife Company manufactures huge array of products including Kitchen Cutlery, Industrial and Agricultural Products, Tools and Instruments. 


Ontario Dozier Knife Series features everyday carry knives, specially designed for one hand operation. Designed by Bob Dozier, the knives in this features arrow point blades which are manufactured using stainless steel. Most of the blades are provided stonewash finish or black coat finish to ensure high edge retention property. The knives in Dozier Knife Series from Ontario have G-10 handle with textured scales to offer secure grip for comfortable use throughout the day. These knives either have a  either lockback mechanism or liner lock mechanism for easy operation.


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